Stary Norton Halphen

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Stary Norton Halphen Opening hours, telephone and address

Lawyer in Melbourne

Ground Floor, 333 Queen Street, Melbourne , 03000

Stary Norton Halphen is one of Melbournes most respected,
best known and largest criminal law firms. Our criminal solicitors are experts
in all aspects of criminal law and are well equipped to handle the complexities
and sensitivities which can arise in a case. Our experience and knowledge will
be used to your advantage, but it is our commitment to achieving the best
possible result for each of our clients which sets us apart. Each year we work
on thousands of criminal cases. Some are high profile and capture significant
media attention, most do not. All are equally important to us. We want you to
feel you have a voice, that your side of the story is told, and that you receive
a fair go. We appreciate that legal procedures and processes can be drawn out
and complex, so aim to help you understand and feel understood. Most
importantly though, we will prepare your case and stand up for you in Court. We
have five offices located in Melbournes CBD and throughout Victoria and would
be pleased to assist you.

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